• Wind Turbine generator

    Nano coating, low weight magnet technology, to solve the wind power industry problems

  • Automotive

    Unique technology and flexible management system, focusing on product traceability


    Double alloy tech. , grain boundary diffusion tech., for global energy saving

  • Industrial Automation

    With the development of intelligent manufacturing, neodymium magnets will embrace new opportunities

  • Acoustics

    Top class speaker’s neodymium magnet partner

  • Appliances compressor field

    Lean production to reduce waste and provide cost-effective products

  • Aerospace

    Widely used in various aerospace fields such as aircraft, satellites and manned spacecraft

  • Military industry

    Rare earth permanent magnets are regarded as an important strategic resource

  • Instrumentation meters

    Ensure the accuracy and stability of the instrument to meet the needs of precision measurement and control

  • sensor

    Guarantee the accuracy of receiving and outputting signals

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