Lamination Neodymium magnet is proved that it can reduce the eddy current loss for the high-efficiency motors.

The reduction of the eddy current loss can decrease the heat and enhance the efficiency. Nowadays, new-energy Auto, aerospace as well as Intelligent industrial robot markets are addicted to pursuing the balance of motor power and calorific value, so the demand of laminated neodymium magnet has kept increasing. With respect to your designing team and project requirement, we can help you to realize the magnetic customization of the following contents by using the licensed process and our production capacity.

  • insulation thickness


  • Insulation layers

    2-40 layers (magnet thickness limits the layers)

  • Max working temperature of the magnet


  • Temperature resistance of the magnet surface coating


  • Corrosion Resistance of Magnet Surface Coating

    Neutral salt spray resistance can be over 500h, PCT can be over 200h

We can also provide magnetic components, such as rotors and etc.

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