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Sheensen Magnetics: Innovation is blooming
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"Technological innovation is the first driving force for the development of Xinsheng Permanent Magnet. At present, our company has more than 20 national patents and 9 invention patents. Among them, the invention patents of permanent magnet magnets for new energy vehicle drive motors have great significance for the energy drive of new energy vehicles "On September 19th, referring to technological innovation, Bao Jinsheng, general manager of Zhejiang Sheensen Magnetics Technology Co., Ltd. (referred to as Sheensen Magnetics), was full of confidence.


As a national high-tech enterprise integrating R & D, production and sales of permanent magnet materials and its application products, Sheensen Magnetics is passionate about innovation and determination. They regard continuous innovation as the brand concept, from original invention to application technology improvement, from management optimization to scientific and technological innovation, and are fully committed to promoting the development of the permanent magnet industry.

The strategic layout has brought new changes.

To enhance the core power of scientific and technological innovation, Sheensen Magnetics is firm: based on a high starting point and committed to a high level. Since its establishment, the company has introduced a number of domestic and foreign advanced production equipment and research and development equipment.

At the same time, the company also carried out in-depth scientific and technological cooperation between schools and enterprises, and jointly established the "Sheensen Magnetics Materials R & D Center" with China Jiliang University, focusing on the continuous promotion of scientific and technological innovation capabilities, and promoting the company to rank among the first-class in the field of high-end permanent magnet materials.

Sheensen Magnetics is at the forefront of scientific and technological innovation. After years of research and development, it has created its own fist products and technologies. Grain boundary diffusion products, laminated magnetic products, nano-coating technology, etc. have been successfully mass produced.

The booming new energy vehicle industry has brought more development opportunities for Sheensen Magnetics. Standing at a new starting point, Sheensen Magnetics will further enhance the awareness of innovation, boost development confidence, maintain forward mobility, and continue to make great strides towards the goal of "a world-class supplier of permanent magnet materials and components".